JBTV Podcast: SHEL

On this episode of the JBTV Podcast, Jerry chats with the multi-talented and harmonious Holbrook sisters of the band SHEL.

For their first ever TV appearance, the sisters chat about everything from their family life growing up to crafting their unique and refreshing sound. The siblings recall growing up homeschooled, maintaining some friendly sibling rivalry, moving to Nashville from Fort Collins, and they even talk to Jerry about their non-musical siblings (yes, they have more!) As the band also talk through each of the songs they performed here at JBTV studios, they tell their tales with a sense of humor, and reveal how they came to incorporate new sounds, like beatboxing and the violin. Tune in to also hear about their airport encounter with a member of Led Zeppelin, and which very specific poodle they consider to be their spirit animal. Trust us, you’ll be completely charmed by the witty and talented Holbrook sisters!

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