JBTV Podcast: A R I Z O N A

“The band…not the state!”- On this episode of the JBTV Podcast, Jerry chats with the trio A R I Z O N A (who are actually from New Jersey.)

Greg Corner kicks off the conversation to find out what prompted this new band to name their project after a state located across the country from their hometown, and how they started working together. The guys of A R I Z O N A take it back to the early days, divulging what drove them to start making their own music together after working as producers, and how they came to grow thanks to the internet. When Jerry takes over the conversation, the band talk through each of their songs performed on the JBTV stage, revealing that an impromptu trip to England inspired the catchy tune “I Was Wrong.” Tune in to also hear how the band feels about stage fright, their favorite part of touring… and maybe even a dad joke or two!

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