Where is the comic wonderment of our youth? (Contest of Challengers)

Challengers’ lease is up next year and we don’t know if we’ll be able to stay where we are.
Donovan took a really annoying phone call today.
Will 25% of shopping malls close in the next 5 years?
Patrick wants Challengers to be an experience of wonder and excitement, and he doesn’t think it is.
Kent gave us a 42” monitor that you’ll all be viewing soon.
Dal tells a riveting story about Headmaster Arcee figures.
We’ve just opened an Etsy store, which feels weird because we have a store store and we sell things online via our website, but, you know, if it works…
We (still) LOVE The Damned. And Kaijumax!
We really hope people come out and buy art at our Jack Kirby’s 100th Birthday Charity Celebration.
You should take a look at Mech Cadet Yu #1 this week, and Hi-Fi Fight Club #1 in a few weeks. And Angelic #1 after that.

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