James R. Warda: Where Are We Going So Fast? Episode 1

Welcome to the first edition of Where Are We Going So Fast?, a new podcast by author and speaker James R. Warda. James also writes a blog by the same name at ChicagoNow. In each episode, James shares insights and stories that come out of everyday moments, current events and topics. In doing so, he finds lessons that show that, in the end, we’re all connected.

Plus, he’s got an amazing sense of humor that just has to be experienced to be believed! (Full disclosure: He wrote that last line, so you may need to be the judge of that.)

In this opening episode, James shares the three moments that first led to him asking the question, “Where are we going so fast?,” and how asking this simple question can literally change a life. In future episodes, he’ll also include stories from his listeners.

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