He’s a comics creator! He’s a musician! He’s both! Dan Dougherty at Billy Goat (Car Con Carne)

Dan Dougherty has talents in multiple areas. His self-published comics (Beardo, Touching Evil) are must-reads, and his band (On the Off Chance) is on the rise in Chicago (wait until you hear about the sweet opening gig they have coming up in September).

Dan met me for double cheeseburgers at the original Billy Goat location (1535 W Madison St.). I’m a sucker for the thin patties and communal condiments. We talked about:

His life as an educator
The difficulty of wolfing down Billy Goat burgers while doing an interview
One decade later, putting an end to his autobiographical “Beardo” strip (Me: “HAVE YOU RUN OUT OF LIFE?”)
“Touching Evil”: Cool premise and cool book (get in on this now; issue #10 just came out)
Why “writer’s block” isn’t the real issue facing creative entrepreneurs
The annual “Seeing of Dan Dougherty” at comic book conventions
C2E2 vs. Wizard World: Which is better?
My french fry mistake
On the Off Chance history
The next On the Off Chance gig is HUGE. HUGE.
Dan plays a new On the Off Chance Song, “Payday,” live in the backseat!
Things in my car were meant to be mounted
Listen in as Dan sketches me (you can see the video on the Car Con Carne YouTube page)
I have an “elegant, hawk-like nose.”
I need an ice cream truck for Car Con Carne
“Meat Window” is the name of the first adult movie I starred in


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