“I hear a bunch of screaming demons. Is that just me?”

This episode is told in reverse. We start with Patreon subscribers and an event listing, and then go into comic reviews (kinda) and then industry news and end on store news. It wasn’t planned that way that that is literally the reverse of our usual structure.
We are NOT prepared for the amount of people that say they’re coming to our Rick and Morty event.
The Tom King/Mitch Gerads just-announced Mister Miracle looks SO! GOOD!
Network Upfronts = Lots of comic book-based TV news. And movie news.
Dal has an interesting theory about the new Black Lightning TV series.
Image is releasing a series of Pride covers in June.
Kids graphic novel sales are up! Non-kids graphic novels are down. Is the New York Times Bestseller list to blame?
We totally rearranged our shelves! Is it working?

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