JBTV Podcast: The Wedding Present

On this episode of The JBTV Podcast, Jerry chats with the legendary David Gedge, the man behind the British band The Wedding Present.

During their chat, Jerry and David talk about the progression of the music industry over the last 30 years, since The Wedding Present have been rocking since the 80’s. David shares the inspiration behind each song played, and reminisces about their first official music video in America, for “Kennedy.” David also gives insight to his experience touring The States as a British musician, talking to Jerry about the differences in touring here. The band drove overnight to make it for the early afternoon performance at JBTV and had a bunch of fans show with a last minute notice, so the discussion also touches on the dedication of long-term fans. Tune into this can’t-miss episode to hear more about the band’s history, what to expect as far as new music from The Wedding Present, a reference to David Lynch and more!

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