Your back issue bins are littered with new ideas (Contest of Challengers)

Your back issue bins are littered with new ideas. (Contest of Challengers)
This episode’s title is a quote from DC’s Dan DiDio. It’s a good quote, but we never actually mention it in the episode. I mean, you’ll figure out where it fits in.
It was C2E2 weekend here in Chicago! It was also the Diamond Comic Distributors Retailer Summit. Both of those things add up to a lot of meetings/panels/seminars for Patrick and Dal.
We also held a pretty sweet party for Oni Press, Brian Hurtt and Cullen Bunn. It was probably our best party ever.
We ran into and/or met a ton of comic creators this weekend, so please pardon our name dropping.
Patrick hosted a C2E2 panel starring Cullen and Brian and had a special guest co-moderator for most of it.
Chris Burnham didn’t recognize Patrick and it led to a really awkward encounter (for him).
We also talk about all the things we bought at the show (including a box of Booty-O’s to make sure we ain’t booty!!)

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