JBTV Podcast: Partybaby

In this episode of the JBTV podcast, Greg Corner and Jerry Bryant chat with the Los Angeles band Partybaby!

Formed by former guitarist of Portugal. The Man Noah Gersh and recording engineer Jamie Schefman, Partybaby is the product of serendipity and some right time-right place circumstances. Noah and Jamie chat with Greg about making their first album together as Partybaby, after having worked on various other projects. “These songs just kinda squeezed their way out of us,” the two say about their fateful start, calling this band a divine interventions of sort. They also talk to Greg about the music industry, and how sometime relationships between bands and labels can be misconstrued.

When Jerry takes over, band members Chelsea Davis and Austin Taylor Tirado join the conversation to talk about their beginning as musicians and give the backstory of each of the songs they performed. They also talk a lot about politics and their favorite musicians. Tune in to this episode to also find out Noah and Jamie’s first concert, how they got signed without even trying, and what they do to use their platform for good!

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