Radio chameleon Abe Kanan: ‘on the same page with eating disgusting foods’ (Car Con Carne)

(This episode contains adult language that may not be appropriate for non-adults and/or hypersensitive people.)

I’m joined this week by the very funny Abe Kanan, who can be heard every weekday morning on Mancow’s show on The Loop (WLUP Chicago). Abe’s also the host of Abe Kanan:ON HOLD, an excellent podcast that’s been running for roughly three years.

We met up at Maxwell Street Depot, just blocks away from Sox Park (411 W. 31st). Listen to this week’s episode for conversation about:

*Sideburns. Great idea in the 90s. Not so much in 2017.
*The napkin issue at fast food restaurants
*Abe’s paper towel strategy
*The evolution of Abe’s many voices/characters (e.g. Magellan, Leslie Anderson)
*Abe’s version of the Polish sausage: It involves cheese
*Abe’s secret to getting in at Au Cheval
*The dark side of plus-sized inner thighs
*The real purpose of Snapchat
*Abe’s successful avoidance of ringworm
*Steroid pros and cons (cons: old age fatness and backne)
*The secret message shared with Abe on this week’s WWE RAW telecast
*CM Punk memories
*Abe getting fired from his Virginia radio gig after the wildly successful “Show Us Your Cans” promotion

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