Finding balance between weird and good: Klangstof on JBTV

In this episode of the JBTV podcast, the alternative group Klangstof join Jerry all the way from Amsterdam to chat about the songs they performed on the JBTV stage.

Visiting Chicago for the first time and making their first American television appearance, the four members of Klangstof talk Jerry through their formation and the early days of the band. Although the band only played their first show together in July of 2016, the band members had each been working on different endeavours before they came together. As they discuss the songs they performed on the JBTV stage, the band talk about their layering production style and how their music is about finding the balance between weird and good. They also talk about their must-have gear for making their music, their opinions on social media, and they reveal which of their songs was inspired by one of their favorites, James Brown. Tune into the podcast to also hear about the stories behind some of their music videos, what their favorite American foods are, and the best venues in Amsterdam.

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