Sundara Karma (JBTV Podcast)

“You can only hope when sh*t goes wrong with politics, that creates reaction for good art”- In this episode of the JBTV podcast, British band Sundara Karma stopped by to chat with Jerry and Greg Corner after playing some of their infectious indie rock tunes.

Sundara Karma join Jerry and Greg in the interview room after performing on the JBTV stage to talk all things about the band’s start and early days. Although the band members are all in their early 20s, they reveal that they’ve been playing together for 6 years, after starting as mainly a cover band for artists like The Doors and Pink Floyd. They relive the early days of getting attention from the industry after the online success of a song, followed up by a disastrous early gig. The conversation also covers the band’s grievances with the business side of the music industry, their first concerts, their dream places to play in America, and how fame terrifies them. Tune into this must-hear interview to also find out Sundara Karma’s favorite song to play live and which major star follows them on Twitter.

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