Grammy nominee Robbie Fulks on JBTV

On this episode of the JBTV Podcast, Grammy-nominated country singer Robbie Fulks swung by the JBTV studio to play some of his extensive song catalog and chat with Jerry.

As a music business veteran with over 10 studio albums, Robbie Fulks was able to bring a new perspective to the JBTV interview room. Robbie recounted the day he found out that his record Upland Stories and his song “Alabama At Night” were both up for Grammy awards, revealing that he was on his way to swim lessons when he got the call, but he refrained from telling his instructor the news. Robbie also chatted with Jerry about his residency at The Hideout, how he feels about opening for other bands, and teaching Tina Fey guitar at Old Town School of Folk Music. Tune into this episode of the JBTV podcast to also hear Robbie chat about international touring, recording cover songs, and having a difference in musical tastes with his children.

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