Chicago band NE-HI makes their TV debut on JBTV

On this episode of the JBTV podcast, Chicago based NE-HI make their first ever television appearance, chatting with Jerry and rocking on the JBTV stage!

As NE-HI chat with Jerry between playing their songs, they reveal that they started the band three years ago to score a film. While the film never saw the light of day, the band decided to stick around and has been rocking ever since. The four-piece band tell their story behind the video for “Stay Young,” which was shot here in Chicago. They also talk tour– telling Jerry about their first time out on the road and the best places to eat on tour. They even tell us the scoop on their upcoming album called Offers, coming out on February 24th. Tune into this episode to hear more about NE-HI’s recording process, what inspired their album, and the backstory of the songs performed during their first appearance on the JBTV stage!

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