Happy New Year! Prince can’t die again (Contest of Challengers)

Recorded in the final days of 2016. Mac McCaughan of Superchunk sums it up so much better than we can.

Yes, we sold CD’s at one time, so we can justify talking about music on a comics podcast.
Midwest Merch, our on-demand t-shirt provider, is going away. We’ll miss them.
Love is Love is a great book doing great things for worthy people. So, of course comic retailers have a problem with it.
When asked by the creators to NOT sell Saga #41, what do YOU think retailers do??
Is Patrick a professional comics industry apologist?
Our website is getting a facelift.
Why do vacuum cleaners come to Challengers just to die?
The brand new Hulk #1 is really good, and a worthy successor to the Charles Soule She-Hulk run.

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