JBTV interviews Lydia Loveless: Shyness, lack of eye contact not a problem (JBTV podcast)

“My interests besides music are humor and psychology, so I feel like everything about me is pretty welcoming…except for my shyness and lack of eye contact”-Lydia Loveless makes her first appearance on JBTV!

Following her killer show at Metro, Lydia Loveless took the JBTV stage early the next afternoon to play a six-song set to an energetic crowd. After her performance, Lydia headed back to our interview room to chat with Jerry about her current tour, growing up on a farm being home-schooled by a “musician and a hippie”, and playing her first show at a school. Lydia reveals tour highlights, as well as her songwriting and recording process during her chat with Jerry. We also get to hear the personal stories that she’s poured into the songs performed on the JBTV stage. You won’t want to miss this funny and insightful edition of the JBTV podcast!

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