Chicago band-to-know My Gold Mask eats Carnivale Food Truck’s menu (Car Con Carne)

This week’s mouth watering food comes courtesy of the Carnivale Food Truck .

With Chicago band-on-the-cusp My Gold Mask (Jack and Gretta) in the back seat, Carnivale’s Chef Rodolfo sits shotgun to talk about the food we’re eating (highlights of what we ate are at the end of this summary).

Episode highlights/points of conversation:

*Chef Rodolfo rained delicious food down on the car: “This is like Christmas over here”
*Chicago’s food truck regulations and what they mean to the local food truck business
*The thought process between picking the food truck menu
*The difference between disco fries in the 70s and disco fries in the 10s
*The “comfort food” aspect of Carnivale’s menu
*Carnivale’s rooftop garden and bee hives: Perfect location for a My Gold Mask video?
*Why food trucks are like marijuana

*My Gold Mask’s upcoming show at Empty Bottle (12/9)
*My Gold Mask is so close to breaking big, it won’t be long before I won’t be able to book them into my car for an interview
*The new album (“Anxious Utopia”), and how it crystallizes the band’s sound
*My Gold Mask history: How they started organically and continue to create in that spirit
*Gretta likes bees and cocktails
*My Gold Mask’s love for all music and passion for new music

I also spill all over my new coat. I’m nothing, if not predictable.

Stuff we ate:
Ropa Vieja (On a sweet plantain, pico, aji Amarillo, cilantro, queso fresco)
Cuban Sandwich (Braised pork shoulder, smoked ham, pickles, Dijon mustard, aioli, provolone cheese)carnivale-yumBuenos Aires burger (Brioche bun, fresh ground beef, grilled red onions, tomato, provolone cheese, chimichurri, aioli)
Frita Cuban burger (Brioche bun, chorizo, aged cheddar, aji Amarillo aioli, shoe string fries)
Disco Fries

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