Listen to Bjork’s first interview! (JBTV podcast)

“This is actually the first interview we’ve ever done- we’re media virgins!”

This classic episode of the JBTV podcast features Bjork’s first-ever interview with her band the Sugarcubes, as well as her return two years later.

This doubleheader episode of the JBTV podcast with Bjork takes it all the way back to the 1992 before moving onto Bjork’s second visit to our studio in 1994. The Icelandic band first chats with Jerry about skyscrapers and American portion sizes before selecting some of their favorite music videos. Later on in the Sugarcubes interview, the duo from Reykjavik discuss cocktails, Oprah, and their theory about Al Capone and the Loch Ness monster. In this blast from the past interview, we also get to hear Bjork’s insight of the difference between the American and European music scene and her opinion of the media when we check back in with her. You’re sure to be entertained for every moment of this special edition of our classic podcasts!

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