Talking music with MTV/radio’s most trusted music voice, Matt Pinfield (Car Con Carne)

It’s the first-ever Car Con Carne remote broadcast, as the show rolls into San Francisco!

Joining me for this episode is no less than Matt Pinfield, the entertainment industry’s most trusted music voice (he currently hosts mornings at KFOG in San Francisco). We record in Car Con Carne’s sister station, a rental SUV with a sweet moon roof and top-notch Bluetooth integration.

We talk a lot about his book, “All These Things That I’ve Done: My Insane, Improbable Rock Life,” which is loaded with incredible music stories, remembrances and opinions.

Food is kind of an afterthought because Matt couldn’t eat. To summarize: He started the day out cold on a tile floor and ended it with a mouth filled with blood. By default, Car Con Carne had to be the highlight of his day. (For the record, I had a burger from Burger Meister, which was amazing).

We also talk about:
*Why we’re radio twinsies.
*The most important life lesson of all? Don’t be a dick.
*His unlikely shot at hosting 120 MInutes on MTV: “(I’m a) short, bald, chubby dude”
*His relationship with Lou Reed and David Bowie
*The ABBA song that everyone can agree on
*The support he got after having to check into rehab in the late-00s
*The importance of being a fan first: “I never want to lose that part of (myself) that is the kid who was in a house in East Brunswick, New Jersey, singing through the fan for the echo.”
*Lots of bands: The Jam, The Fall, The Boomtown Rats
*Lots of Bowie talk. We completely agree on the Diamond Dogs album
*The insanity of navigating San Francisco

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