Heligoats perform live, eat ‘Italian Beef pizza’ (Car Con Carne)

It’s another exclusive “backseat performance” as Chris Otepka of Heligoats plays two of the band’s best songs (My Camping Trip From Hell, Fish Sticks) live in the back seat of the Mazda 3.

For this episode, we visit the spectacular new Riverside Pizza and Pub on 456 Redington Drive in South Elgin (http://www.riversidepizzapub.com). We go hard on the “carne” this week as we eat Riverside’s Italian Beef grinder pizza: In short, there’s Italian beef and giardiniera on the pizza, and the dough is amazing. I’m typing this shortly after eating it, and now I want to eat it again.

Over pizza, Chris talks about his other band, Troubled Hubble, and how Green Day indirectly affected the band’s upward trajectory.

We also discuss:
*Chris’s passion for storytelling: “I always secretly wanted to be a rapper”
*Dave the bass player, who jumps in the back seat mid-show (“Do we have to share our pizza?”)
*Why Heligoats is on the leading edge of meat songs
*Camping as metaphor

And then there are the performances… Otepka nails both songs and they’re good enough to make you want to stream everything Heligoats have released the second this episode wraps up!

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