“I feel the feels, but I don’t always say the feels.” Mentoring, Busyness and Vulnerability (The Amy Guth Show)

In the latest episode of The Amy Guth Show podcast, Guth talks about many topics including the right way to approach someone to be your mentor (hint: you’re asking for a favor, so be generous, be clear, and ask for what you want, and, for the love, please shelve the phrase “can I take you to coffee and pick your brain?”), why it’s important to “make the ask” (“Thoughts?” is too vague, let’s just all agree that asking for what you want is the best way and proceed accordingly), the cult of busy and why she makes a point to be ruthless about saying “no” in order to wear her many hats sanely, thoughtfully and intentionally, and about vulnerability, a trait she aims for but that doesn’t always come naturally to her.

She also gives a brief update on her documentary film production schedule, an episodic documentary about online harassment and civility.

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