How a video went viral: Sherman from 101 WKQX sits shotgun (Car Con Carne)

Mere hours after colleague Sherman (101 WKQX) posted a video of the Goodman Theatre sign in flames that went viral, he sat shotgun for Car Con Carne. This episode finds us at Susie’s Drive-Thru at 4126 W. Montrose.

The show opens with audio from the video, and then we get into exactly *how* it went viral. From there, we talk about:

  • The fact that A BIRD POOPED ON MY LEG just before we recorded
  • The job that blew out his back, and learnings about people working that gig (“Around Christmastime, give them a tip. They deserve every single cent of it”)
  • The simple pleasures of the Renaissance Faire
  • The history of “Dude Say”
  • Polish troubles: Sherman’s Polish didn’t come as ordered. He wanted it to be ketchup-only and they gave him one with everything. That leads to some not-quite-manly moments which were rooted in Sherman’s childhood. Pickles seem to be a trigger for him.
  • Political correctness (“It’s getting more difficult to be funny”)
  • My amazing Patreon backers get a shout-out (couldn’t do it without you)
  • The rise of peanut allergies
  • The best boss we ever had, as well as helpful things we learned from him (including “take the hit”).

Who’s the best representative of the Chicago music scene of the 90s? My answer may surprise you.

Sample quotes:
“You’re going to listen to me eat this and gag… I’m going to muscle through it.”
“This looks like a basketball player in a twin bed.”
“You are, perhaps, being a little vaginal.”
“I miss those overpaid days.”

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