Do you have an idea for a podcast, or an existing podcast you want to bring to a bigger audience? Hit us up! Yak Channel is currently accepting pitches for podcasts to include in our network, both new and established.

Yak Channel’s hosts create their work independently and we work to distribute them to a wide audience. Shows have a Chicago tie-in, focus on specific topics, and each episode is independently created on-the-go by subject matter experts, just like you.

It’s a great opportunity to add another multimedia layer to your content and help your voice reach a wider audience.

While still in start-up mode, we’re focusing on building a large and engaged audience of listeners through out various channels, and creating a large community of Chicago voices on a variety of specific topics. In the back half of this year, we plan to launch an event series that would create events around some of the podcasts that lend themselves to a live-recording format.

Send pitches and questions to Amy Guth.

Be sure and visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.